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BACtrack s75 Pro Breathalyzer Reviews

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The BACtrack s75 Pro Breathalyzer comes with some incredible advantages. The mouthpiece is located on the front, and this makes self-testing hassle free and convenient.

  • Police grade Xtend fuel cell sensor technology.
  • Boasts a front facing mouthpiece.
  • Manufactured by BACtrack.
  • FDA approved and trusted by many professionals.
  • May get out of calibration.
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The BACtrack s75 Pro Breathalyzer comes with some incredible advantages. The mouthpiece is located on the front, and this makes self-testing hassle free and convenient. You don’t need to rotate, twist or turn your breathalyzer after its initial countdown. Also, with a front-facing mouthpiece, you can watch the screen and move your breathalizer forward towards the mouth as soon as the countdown reaches zero. This eliminates the flow error which is quite common when users don’t blow quickly enough after the countdown comes to zero. Once breath sample is inside, you can clearly see your results displayed on the high-quality screen on the top.

It also features Extend sensor technology that allows the device for providing trustworthy results for every test. The device has been tested by DOT/NHTSA and it meets all their requirements for breath alcohol screening device. This makes it a great car breathalyzer and perfects for personal use. It also uses a tiny air pump that collects the breath sample accurately and doesn’t show a false positive whether you a diabetic or on a low-calorie diet. It gives out results within a few second and measures in several different units like mg/L, BAC, ug/L, mg/100mL, and promille. Although it may not seem like a very compact device, still it is light in weight and easy to carry around or even hook up with the keychain.

1: Advance Technology

BACtrack s75 Pro Breathalyzer features Xtend Fuel Cell Sensor technology that ensures more accurate and consistent results as compared to the semiconductor breathalyzers. To prove this, you can take repeated test of yourself in a short period, and it is like to give the same result every time.

Due to this technology, it never shows any false positive for any person who might have diabetes or is on a low-calorie diet. I have seen many semiconductor breathalyzers that sometimes give false positive results and puts oneself in danger.

You can take thousands of test with your S75, and it will never give any erroneous readings. So, if an individual is very intoxicated like 0.22 %BAC it will give 100% accurate results.

For this reason, this great device is used by law enforcement, hospitals, and several clinics as well. And finally, with this unique technology allows S75 to provide trusted and reliable results for every test.

2: Ease of Use

Just like most of the alcohol breath testers at EvoTechmed, S75 is also user-friendly. It has a front facing mouthpiece where you can blow in the air sample after pushing the start button. However, when blowing in the air sample, make sure you blow in enough of it so that the device can effectively process it.

3: Best Breathalyzers

BACtrack is the #1 brand of some of the most trusted breathalyzers in the world. They have 13 years of solid experience, and you won’t get any false reading with their devices.

BACtrack S75 Professional Breathalyzer Portable Breath Alcohol Tester

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