BioSkin TriLok Ankle Support Brace Review

BioSkin TriLok Ankle Support Brace

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Superior versatility and strength!

Typically designed for those players with plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains and tendon tears.

  • Helps prevent popped ligaments, ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis and tendon tears along with speedy recovery for those with a past injury.
  • FootLok strap for arch support.
  • High quality material that is breathable.
  • Recommended by more than 40 professional teams.
  • Can be a bit complicated to put on.
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The BioSkin TriLok Ankle Support Brace is typically designed for those players with plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains, and tendon tears. It has been manufactured with top quality and imported material that makes it durable and extremely comfortable to wear. This also gives it a superior versatility and strength. Another feature to discuss BioSkin TriLok Ankle Support Brace is its universal fit. In simple, you don’t need to select a specific brace for the right or left ankle. You need a single brace for both the ankles. There is a stirrup strap as well that makes it secure along with medical grade Velcro.

There are no laces, and its base sleeve can be worn like socks. This base is pretty much thin with a low profile design that makes it comfortable. The FootLok strap gives the arch support and lateral or medial unloading. Best of all, more than 40 professional teams across the globe trust the BioSkin TriLok Ankle Support Brace.

1: BioSkin TriLok Ankle Support Brace Unique Features

One of the most important and unique features of this brace is its supportiveness. It gives your ankle better control and stability and prevents any sprains and strains on the muscle. Its TriLok feature effectively wraps your brace from all sides and is best suited for athletes and a great alternative to taping the ankles. Its foot and ankle control system help to heal foot positioning problems like plantar fasciitis and posterior tibial tendon dysfunction.

2: Summary of Specifications

  • It has a unique patented Bio Skin material which is free from neoprene, latex, and allergies. It helps to comfort your feet and also prevent smell causing bacteria.
  • There is a micro fleece lining that brings more comfort and therapeutic healing effect to your ankle and helps in wicking the moisture.
  • Helps in controlling inversion, eversion, pronation, supination and equinoadductovarus deformities and is ideal for Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction and plantar fasciitis.
  • Promises to increase stability and prevent any acute or chronic ankle sprains popped ligaments and inflamed muscles.
  • One of the most supportive, high-quality and wrap around brace in the market with the high level of durability.

3: Great Design

BioSkin TriLok Ankle Support Brace has been well-designed to support ankles with less bulk.

Its unique design enables it to give your ankles a concealed support, and it can be worn with nearly any type of sports shoes.

It has a thin profile, light weight, and a support soft micro-fleece lining. The thin breathable and soft material is made of Bio Skin’s Patented Ultima 2s, and it prevents sweat and smell causing bacteria.

Although it lacks laces that might have contributed in a comfortable fit, still the strap locking system can easily provide the required compression and fit.

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