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CMS 50F Plus OLED Wrist Color Pulse Oximeter Reviews

CMS 50F Plus OLED Wrist Color Pulse Oximeter

The CMS 50F Plus OLED Wrist Color Pulse Oximeter is pretty much like a wrist watch as it goes around your wrist and can measure the blood oxygen saturation level and pulse rate accurately. Till now we have seen some expensive models as well as much as $100, but this one is the most expensive on our list amounting to a whopping $180. However, it is worth the money paid for and had been uniquely design using externallnnovo® SnugFit probe that ensures fast and accurate readings.

The probe used is made of silicon, and it snugly fits in nearly any finger size and allows continuous readings. As a result of this, your SpO2 and pulse are monitored and analyzed even when you are sleeping or in non-strenuous activities. This probe is highly sensitive and won’t display any readings unless your finger is placed correctly. It also has Bluetooth technology and a USB port allowing you to download SpO2 and Pulse data for the last 24 hours.

1: Patient Range

It has a great client range. In easy, this smart gadget can be utilized by clients of different age. The normal client variety is Grownup, neonatal and pediatric. It works perfectly for all and has some fantastic functions. The user interface is quite easy to interpret and get used to.

2: Display Features

On the top, you’ll find a low power LED with different criteria like SpO2, PR and a Pleth bar for easy reading. When the test results are processed, the screen reveals them in red LED color.

Its determining range is 35 to 99% which is remarkable with a resolution of ± 1% and an accuracy of 75% to 99% which is way better than most of the Oximeters in the market. While the unspecified figures are 50% -75%, ± 3%, and 0% -50%.

3: Pulse Rate

It has a fantastic range of 30 to 254 BPM, and the resolution is ± 1bpm with an accuracy of ± 2bpm.

4: Battery functions

It requires 2 AAA alkaline batteries to operate flawlessly. You can also utilize rechargeable batteries. It only consumes less than 30 MA and the voltage is in between 2.6 and 3.6 V.

5: Environmental Features

It operates at a temperature level between 0 and 50-degree centigrade while the operating humidity is typically in between 15% -95% RH and storage temperature level and storage humidity is between 10 and 60 degrees centigrade to 10% -05% RH.

6: Carrying Case

A carrying case comes along that makes it much easier for you to manage it securely. It is likewise backed by a strong 2-year service warranty.

Bluetooth enabled CMS 50F PLUS OLED Wrist Color Pulse Oximeter with Innovo®...

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  • Exclusive Bluetooth technology.
  • SnugFit probe.
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  • Highly priced.
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