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Nowadays, people become more and more inclined into sports. People hit the gym, do rounds in the track oval, or swim a thousand yards. Everyone exerts an effort and allots time for exercise after work or school.  As they say, an active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle. Now having everyone ventured into sports, we know that many of them would like to invest in the best gears. Among these, the best compression sleeves.

Admittedly, everyone needs advice once in a while – especially the newbies. Let’s tackle compression sleeves – the most commonly used, yet also a gear that many people fail to fully comprehend the purpose. We’ll recommend you only the best compression sleeves – the best calf compression sleeve, the best arm compression sleeve, the best elbow compression sleeve, and the bet compression sleeves for knees.

But first, what are compression sleeves?

Compression sleeves, as many of us know, is something that we wear on our leg or on our arm that basically aids in, you guessed it! – COMPRESSION. It is agreeable that this claim is true – that compression sleeves are used as support for your muscles and joints. It is also known that the best compressions sleeves can reduce pain or swelling due to an injury. However, not many actually know that purchasing the best compression sleeve there is in the market also guarantees that it can regulate the deoxygenated blood flow in one’s body. What does this mean? It means that with the right and the best compression sleeve, more oxygen can flow throughout your body; thus, faster recovery and a better performance, all in all.

What do compression sleeves do?

When you get your hands on the best compression sleeve in the market, guarantee yourself this: You are to experience a less stressful, less tiring, and ultimately a less painful journey in being an athlete. Why? First, because the best compression sleeves can soothe your muscles; Second, the best compression sleeves eliminate, if not all, then most of the muscular vibrations; And third, the best compression sleeves allow easy blood and oxygen flow throughout your body.  In a nutshell, the best compression sleeves improve performance by reducing the possibility for fatigue and injuries and by aiding in faster recovery.

How do compression sleeves work?

The best compression sleeves is basically built as an aid to allow athletes to  easily have better performances and reduce the chances for fatigue and injury. In order to do this, the best compression sleeves work its magic by keeping the blood flowing throughout the body. The best compression sleeves, which we know is tight when worn, are actually providing us with graduated compression.  A graduated compression from the best compression sleeve means compressing or applying pressure on the stretched vain walls. With such, we are altogether able to eradicate the effects of gravity and likewise, boost the circulation in our legs.

How to use a compression sleeve?

Normally, people would just wear these and wait for it to take effect on you. Absolutely wrong! The first and most important thing you must do before buying the best compression sleeve out there is to assess yourself and your condition – why will you be using one? Is it because of an injury or because you just want to prevent fatigue? Make sure to consult with a medical professional if you will be using it for an injury. Secondly, upon purchasing the best compression sleeves in the market, make sure to check the best fit for you – the size, the material, to name a few. Aside from the basics, you should also take note of the amount of compression you feel while wearing it – try them on!

 How long can you wear compression sleeves?

From a credible source, Dr. Norman Bein, M.D., a vein specialist from St. Louis, Missouri, said that time or length of wearing one can vary. Dr. Bein states that one should check first the reason for wearing one. As you wear your best compression sleeves, assess first if this is worn because of an injury or just to decrease fatigue. Ideally, the best compression sleeves can be worn all throughout the day if you are using it to aid for an injury such as a swollen ankle. If you are using it for recovery, or ultimately to reduce fatigue, you may wear them and take them out any time you wish.

Do compression sleeves work?

Yes, they definitely do! Several reviews say that although it is not the sole solution for recovery and to ultimately have better performance, the best compression sleeves does not disappoint – it does its purpose. People confirmed that it indeed helps you lessen the pain and soreness, and fatigue, in general. Some have also stated that it must have been due to the increased blood circulation it is able to provide.  Therefore, it is highly recommended that athletes invest in the best compression sleeves as it is beneficial for all your working muscles. You’ll never know when you’ll need it the most.


As agreed earlier, we’ll jot down the best compression sleeves there is in the market. We’ve gathered real and first hand reviews on the following products. This can aid you in purchasing the best compression sleeves for yourself. Although we have varying opinions, the descriptions below will give you a brief explanation what is most liked about the product.


Our top picks of the best compression sleeves – 2XU Recovery Compression Sleeve, Zensah Arm Compression Sleeve, OS1st KS7 Performance Knee Sleeve


Best calf compression sleeve – 2XU Recovery Compression Sleeve

The 2XU Recovery Compression Sleeve is the recommended best arm compression sleeve. This is so because in contrast with its competitors, it is the most durable. With 4.8 out of 5 rating in Amazon, people who’ve purchased the product highly commend the amount of compression it gives. Many proved, based on their experience, that the 2XU Recovery Compression Sleeve is great for recovery. Aside from this, the big plus about purchasing one is that it comes in pairs. Its material is lightweight and breathable and its fabric comes with SPF 50 protection so you could use it out in the sun without having to worry about anything. Most importantly, sizes are available – they range from extra small to extra large – much different from its competitors that usually has small to large sizes only. Aside from this, many have also guaranteed that even after several washes, no tearing was seen from the product. Other than costing a few dollars more than its other competitors, then there’s nothing else to worry about.


Best arm compression sleeve – Zensah Arm Compression Sleeve

If you’re looking for the best compression arm sleeve, then the Zensah Arm Compression Sleeve is recommended for you. With an Amazon review of 4.1 out of 5, The Zensah Arm Compression Sleeve is said to be lightweight and very comfortable. Several reviews from Amazon say that it is comfortable and cooling when worn. They’re durable and sturdy according to many sources. Aside from this, it provides very good sun protection as compared to several competitors. Many did say that this product did indeed aid in lessening muscle soreness. If you plan on purchasing one, make sure to check on the color availability – these come in many different colors. Many would recommend this product not exclusively because of the color options available, but because it has proven itself to increase muscle performance, alongside providing a cool and breezy feel to it – no perspiration, as they say! Be careful though when picking out your size, some say sizes run small while some say they tend to be loose – remember to try them on to get a good fit.


Best compression sleeves for knees – OS1st KS7 Performance Knee Sleeve

If you prefer something that’s handy and at the same time effective, then the OS1st KS7 Performance Knee Sleeve is right for you. With a 4.8 rating out of 5 in Amazon, the product lives up to its name. High performance is guaranteed with this product as it guarantees that it can soothe and relieve pain. It is the most practical among other as it can address the needs of an injury and those for recovery. The product features a medical grade orthopaedic knee support and is able to ease a runner’s knee, chronic knee pains, or any knee injury for that matter. According to reviews, the most loved characteristic of this product is that it stays in place and doesn’t slip down. As an added benefit, its small size allows you to wear it even under your pants. Furthermore, it is highly recommended, especially for long distance runners, because unlike other brands, this one won’t give you painful hot spots. The only down side to this is that it doesn’t come in pairs; so be prepared to spend double if you plan on wearing one for both knees.

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