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The DRIVESAFE Breath Alcohol Tester guarantees to protect you and your loved ones before driving.

  • User-friendly.
  • Equipped with advanced fuel cell sensors.
  • Includes 2 AA alkaline batteries.
  • No drawbacks.
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The DRIVESAFE Breath Alcohol Tester guarantees to protect you and your loved ones before driving. It is a police grade breath alcohol tester that gives 100% accurate BAC results in a matter of few seconds. It provides you with facts for making an informed decision before you can put your hands on the steering wheel and accelerate the car. While features have their charm, the device itself is user-friendly. It comes with a color-coded display that shows BAC and what it means. So, if you conducted a test and the color-coded turns GREEN it means (ok). Similarly, AMBER means (caution) and if it displays RED means (over the limit). In this way, you are better informed of your current situation.

A carrying case comes along with your product which makes portability easy for you and also protects your breathalyzer. For ease of operation, a user guide is also added along with extra disposable mouthpieces. It has been tested and is of law enforcement professional grade with a sleek design.

1: Portable & Discrete

Your smart and tiny DRIVESAFE Breath Alcohol Tester is portable and discrete and can easily fit into your purse, briefcase or even your small pockets on the go. You can carry it literally anywhere you want, whether it be your favorite pub or a late night BBQ + DRINK party at a friend’s house. Safety should be your priority.

2: User-Friendly

Although I didn’t have a good experience using it the first time still, I find it user-friendly as compared to other sophisticated breathalyzers in the market. Once you press the start button, all you need to do is blow in the breath sample, and your device will start processing and display results within a few seconds.

3: Hi-Tech Features

It has a unique and advanced electrochemical sensor that meets all the standard for law enforcement breathalizers. This sensor ensures 100% accurate results and is also capable of detecting the very small quantity of alcohol in the breath sample due to its high level of detection range.

4: Accuracy

It has Australian Standard AS3547 accuracy certification and displays results in 3 decimals on a digital display. The company is so confident in their device’s accuracy that they offer their users a full refund if it gives any erroneous readings.

The whole device is operated with 2 AA Alkaline batteries that are included with the product and can serve you for quite a long time.

Five extra mouthpieces are also included. This allows you to not only test your BAC but also use the spare mouthpieces for testing your friends and family members.

5: Free From Defect

DRIVESAFE Breath Alcohol Tester is warranted to be free from any defects and damages whether in the design or inner machinery. Just in case you find any defects in the workmanship and materials, you can claim a refund within one year of the purchase.

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