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EPT Ovulation Test

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The next on our list is EPT Ovulation Test, and it is one hell of a great revolution.

  • 99% accuracy rate.
  • User-friendly and simple.
  • Highly sensitive to detect hormones from a urine sample.
  • Recommended by gynecologists.
  • No drawbacks at all!
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The next on our list is EPT Ovulation Test, and it is one hell of a great revolution. It benefits you a lot in detecting the LH surge accurately and predicting the days when you will be reaching your peak fertility level. You can maximize the chances to conceive using the EPT Ovulation Test and it also allows its users for identifying the fertile days. The results are very easy to read and understand as there is no complex reading structure. It is either a positive or negative along with an ovulation estimate.

EPT Ovulation Test is popular for its 100% accurate results and is designed to provide you quality. It is not only recommended by its users but also many gynecologists have used it and personally recommend pregnant women to take benefit from it and save time and money. With hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide and each with a 5 star positive review, the EPT Ovulation Test is one of the best product you’ll have.

1: Get Pregnant Naturally

EPT Ovulation Test helps to find the luteinizing hormone (LH) surge more accurately. This increases your chances of getting pregnant naturally and also helps you to detect the peak fertility at least two days earlier. There is an instruction manual that guides you on taking the test results easily. Normally, you need the urine sample only. There aren’t any complex or sophisticated phases to go through before testing.

2: 99% Accuracy

Throw all those shitty devices that give erroneous results on LH surge. EPT Ovulation Test guarantees 99% accuracy. The flashing test stick symbol shows that it is working and also has a digital display that processes the sample in less than 3 minutes. Make sure that you use the early morning urine sample i-e after the long night sleep.

3: No More Lines

Remember those test strips that put you in serious fuss whenever you have to keep that watchdog eye on the color darkness? Well, no more with your EPT kit as it displays on a digital screen.

A smiley face appears that tells the LH surge has been detected and if you have sex during the next 48 hours, your chances of getting pregnant are higher.

However, if a clear circle appears, this means no LH surge has been detected. Continue the test daily!

4: Price

I was expecting the price to be slightly higher because of the high demand of the product and outstanding features. However, it is priced just under $30 which is pretty low. But don’t doubt its quality! You’ll regret not having this ovulation test device later on.

In the case of any illness or kidney disease, you should consult your doctor because the LH surge may not be accurately displayed. Make sure that you take the test as soon as you get up after the long sleep.

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