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First Response Ovulation Test Reviews

First Response Ovulation Test

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The First Response Ovulation Test seems to be a blessing for women.

  • Quickly and accurately predicts the fertile days.
  • Accuracy rate 99%.
  • Comes with 7 Ovulation Tests and one pregnancy test.
  • No.1 selling pregnancy test brand.
  • It takes 5-6 minutes to display the results after the strip is inserted. This is more as compared to many ovulation kits in the market.
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The First Response Ovulation Test seems to be a blessing for women. It is a blend of ovulation testing and pregnancy testing kit and comes at a pretty affordable price. You can easily get a report on the most fertile days during the ovulation period using this small device. Its accuracy rate is 99%, and its user-friendly interface won’t create a mess. However, to provide you with the most accurate and authentic results, First Response Ovulation Test takes at least 5 minutes. You have to be a little more patient. This is a drawback of the device as most of the new Ovulation kits in the market take only 10-20 seconds to display the results.

You can rely on the results provided by this testing kits and save your time. Its 99% accuracy rate has made it as one of the #1 selling Pregnancy Test Brand in the US.

1: Accurate Results

First Response Ovulation Test has a 99% accuracy in the laboratory studies in detecting the luteinizing hormone (LH) surge in the urine sample. You won’t miss any of the sign, and it also displays the peak fertility days. Normally, it tells you six days earlier which is way sooner than any other ovulation test in the market and has a 99% accuracy from the day of the expected period.

Also, it predicts the two most fertile days each month which increases your chances of getting pregnant naturally.

2: User-Friendly

It comes with an instruction manual that guides you how to take the ovulation test properly. You don’t have to go through any complex setup or guidelines. However, using the most effective urine sample is mandatory, and that is the morning time. You should take a test in the morning for accurate detection of LH surge.

3: Get Pregnant Sooner

First Response Ovulation Test can detect the peak fertile days two days earlier. This increases your chances of getting pregnant naturally and sooner as well. If you haven’t done an ovulation test before, make sure that you know proper guidelines! The instruction manual that comes along can help a lot.

4: Pharmacist Recommended Product

First Response Ovulation Test is recommended by many pharmacists and even used by doctors at their clinics and hospitals. It comes with 7 Test sticks and instructions in English and Spanish. These test sticks are enough for you to detect the hormone surge.

First Response has been working since long to raise the awareness of infertility as well. The main aim is to help those women who have been willing to build a family but not quickly as expected. You can trust this product from every aspect, especially accuracy.

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