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Kinesiology Tape VIVE Reviews

Kinesiology Tape VIVE

  • Water and sweat resistant.
  • Stickier and made of latex free material.
  • Hypoallergenic and durable.
  • More adhesive and can stick for many days.
  • Issues with sensitivity to the tape.
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The Kinesiology Tape VIVE has been popular among the runner. It is sweat proof and is made of a long-lasting material that features glue and ensures a strong all day long grip. It helps to alleviate the pain instantly and prevent further injuries that usually occurs due to heavy lifting and rigorous sports activities. It quickly confirms to your skin and flexes the muscles and body motions without restricting your movements. It is stickier, latex free, water resistant and hypoallergenic and this is why it is the best kinesiology tape in the market.

1: Best for Performance

Kinesiology Tape VIVE is great for recreation and athletic injuries. It not only heals the injured areas but also supports it and prevents any further injury. Its durable fabric doesn’t tear off easily and the adhesive material used is amazing and stickier.

2: Water Proof

The fabric used in Kinesiology Tape VIVE is water proof, and the adhesive endures all day long. Whether you are engaged in strenuous physical activities or just went for a walk to the public park, the tape won’t peel off due to any sweat. Instead, the breathable fabric keeps the injured area dry.

3: Premium Design

Its premium design quickly adheres to the skin and flexes together with the muscles and your body movements. In this way, you are not hindered by the restrictive athletic tape.

4: Extra Sticky

Unlike the conventional athletic tapes you remember that peel off too early, Kinesiology Tape VIVE has a stickier, hypoallergenic, water resistant adhesive that prevents the tape from falling off during competition or practice.

5: Money Back Guarantee

VIVE Health guarantees all of its customers a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their athletic tape without asking any questions.

6: Pain Relief

I’ve used a lot of kinesiology tapes, and each one of them usually helps to support the injured area for a while. However, Kinesiology Tape VIVE not only helps to provide stability but also gives instant pain relief.

It further prevents accidents, sprains and stress around the affected area. As a result, your performance is enhanced, and you feel more comfortable doing your work or playing your favorite sports.

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