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Lifeloc LifeGuard Personal Breathalyzer Reviews

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The Lifeloc LifeGuard Personal Breathalyzer comes at a great price and technology. It uses Platinum Fuel Cell Technology.

  • Precise 3-digit BAC readout.
  • Smart alerts.
  • Dual mode mouthpiece system.
  • Easy two button operation.
  • A platinum fuel cell that increases reliability.
  • No drawbacks.
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The Lifeloc LifeGuard Personal Breathalyzer comes at a great price and technology. It uses Platinum Fuel Cell Technology. Unlike other breathalizers that are not accurate or use inexpensive technologies, LifeLoc LifeGuard device ensures 100% reliable results. It promises to deliver professional level performance at an affordable price. You will get accurate measurements of Breath Alcohol content (BAC), and its different testing includes family, self-testing, home and office parties testing. It also offers advanced DUI prevention, the morning after testing, personal education and anywhere that alcohol could be a potential danger. Apart from being a great device, it is user-friendly and easy to operate. It boasts a high-quality resolution screen for easily detecting the BAC readings and is alcohol specific which shows results only when alcohol is present. Some common semiconductor device can sometimes give positive readings even if no alcohol is present in your body.

With the BAC management technology, it charts the last three results. This allows seeing whether your breath Alcohol Content is rising or falling. Best of all it is reliable with a long working life.

1: Alcohol Specific

Lifeloc LifeGuard Personal Breathalyzer is alcohol specific and is a competitive semiconductor device that gives positive results whenever it detects alcohol in your breath even if it is present in a very small quantity.

2: High Accuracy

Even though the device is pretty much small and had some flaws in the design but it gives 100% accurate results, and this is what every user require from his or her breathometer.

It has an exceptional alcohol concentration range from 0.00 to 0.40 BAC. When compared to many other devices, there was no match for this personal alcohol breath analyzer.

3: Calibration Stability

You might be surprised that unlike most of the semiconductor testers out there for alcohol concentration that usually require a frequent re-calibration, this personal breathalizer only needs calibration after 500 tests or 12 months of personal use. This adds a lot to its selling point as well.

4: Durable & Reliable

Alcohol breath analyzer is usually considered a very fragile device which may get easily damaged. However, Lifeloc LifeGuard Personal Breathalyzer features a strong and durable body with high-end materials which make it reliable in the long run.

You won’t get any faulty readings . Also it offers calibration stability, alcohol specificity and a high precision add up which gives this device more value of trust.

5: Technology

It uses a premium fuel cell backed with a hi-tech machinery that delivers accurate results. It can be used for family and self-testing, home and office parties as well. You should use it every time before turning the car key to ignition.

6: Money Back Guarantee

To keep customers on the safe side, they also give a full refund if their customers aren’t satisfied with their breathalyzer. In this way, your investment is never wasted.

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