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The Push Med Ankle Brace is one of the best ankle supports for running. It helps to prevent the injuries and provide stability while running.

  • Smart brace design that easily wraps over the sock.
  • Breathable fabric.
  • Flexible shell for covering the ankle joint.
  • Ankle inversion and eversion are restricted.
  • Unlike many brace ankles for running, it is quite expensive but worth the money invested.
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The Push Med Ankle Brace is one of the best ankle supports for running. It helps to prevent the injuries and provide stability while running. It also has compression that aids as an additional support and prevents inversion and eversion of your ankle. The flexible shell cover on it ensures that the compression is distributed evenly on the feet. Adjustable elastic straps support this compression. The Push Med Ankle Brace can be worn over a sock, and it is recommended to wear it with a lace-up shoe to get maximum stabilization.

While walking, the brace doesn’t give any inhibition and makes the running extremely comfortable for you. To keep your feet dry, the material used in its manufacturing is breathable. This also prevents any bad odor from sweat and disease causing bacteria in your feet. The push braces also boast an exclusive Sympress Technology while the microfibers as mentioned earlier gives you a soft, comfortable and moisture free feeling.

1: Design

Push Med Ankle Brace has an incredible design and is of elite standard function. It provides extra support to your weak ligaments and injured ankles. This adds an improved stability and helps to prevent re-sprain.

Although it is a non-elastic strap, it gives an additional support along the ligaments. This is pretty much similar to what employed during protective ankle taping. In this way, straps support an ingenious and patented reinforced protective shell with a medial anchor.

There is an internal silicone strip that further adheres brace to your skin and helps in simulating the tape.

2: Push Med Ankle Brace Performance

I loved those wide elastic straps built-in the brace that offers you modifiable pressure around your ankle. This helps to prevent muscle spasm and provide support to the injured ankles. The custom fit feature is also amazing and you can even wear it directly on the skin under your socks.

The zipper and hook/loop straps make it easy for you to wear it and compress it as per your needs. There are padded comfort zones that provide relief to instep, heel and Achilles tendons along with inflamed muscles. Although it is not open from heel still the material used is breathable.

3: User-friendly

Unlike many anklebone stabilizers that take some serious time to put on your ankle, push med can be pulled on within a few seconds and removed. Thanks to the zipper and hook straps that make it easier for you.

4: Comfort

Finally, it has padded comfort zones that heal the area around your heels, instep, and the Achilles’ tendons. This helps in better supporting your muscled and injured areas. In this way, user’s abilities are enhanced, and he can be comfortable performing rigorous physical activities. Although the price is a bit high, it comes with a money back guarantee.

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