Reebok CrossFit PWR6 Compression Shorts Review

Reebok CrossFit PWR6 Compression Shorts

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Very good value for the price

You will always feel dry because of its Speedwick Technology; a great advantage which makes it one of the best compression shorts not just for CrossFit.

  • It was elastic warp-knit fabrication material that maintains shape no matter the movement.
  • It has compression fit which supports muscles.
  • It has thigh panels which are bonded for extra protection.
  • The antimicrobial treatment will eliminate all types of odor-causing bacteria.
  • Reebok x CrossFit logos is evident for user awareness.
  • The price is great!
  • The panels on the thighs may peel off at times.
  • Some users say that it is not that comfy when worn.
  • It is not as durable as other compression shorts.
  • The waist sizing runs a bit small.
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Reebok crossfit PRW6 compression shorts are built to support body’s base and control muscle vibration. It controls odor through its antimicrobial treatment. Equipment abrasion is prevented by the bonded thigh panels. Reebok Crossfit PWR6 compression shorts holds its shape through polyester/elastin wrap knitted construction.

Reebok is a popular brand for those who are into sports. The materials they use are high quality and the prices are not that expensive.

Reebok Crossfit PWR6 compression shorts offer Speedwick tech that disperses sweat thus keeping skin dry and comfortable.




Reebok Crossfit PWR6 Compression Shorts supports leg muscles through compression. Regardless of the fact that Reebok Crossfit PWR6 Compression Shorts compress leg muscles these do not hamper the range of motion.


Improved Circulation:

Circulation of blood is improved and oxygenation of tissues is enhanced by Reebok Crossfit PWR6 Compression Shorts. Enhanced performance and reduction of soreness/ stiffness risks can be achieved by ensuring that oxygen reaches the muscles during workouts.

Post Workout Soreness Reduction:

The most important benefit of Reebok Crossfit PWR6 Compression Shorts is reduction of muscle soreness that results from workouts. It is found that users who wear compression shorts are less likely to experience discomfort.

Temperature Control:

Reebok Crossfit PWR6 Compression Shorts are made of material that keeps the body dry by absorbing moisture and sweat. This allows the body to cool down easily after vigorous workouts. A sportsperson feels more comfortable and can perform even better  when his or her body stays cooler or maintain optimal temperate.


What’s More?

The muscles are supported by its compression fit.

Thigh panels for extra protection.

Odor causing bacteria get eliminated by antimicrobial treatment.

Regardless of the movement or posture, its shape is maintained because of elastic warp knitted fabrication.

Amazing price.

Not as enduring as other compression shorts.

Not very comfortable (when worn) for certain users.

At times, the thigh panels may peel off.

Waist size might be small for few users.

Reebok CrossFit PWR6 Compression Short Canopy Green Camo (X-Large)

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