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Sexy Locker Active Wear Compression Shorts Review

Sexy Locker Active Wear Compression Shorts

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Sexy look and inexpensive!

This is one of the best compression shorts for women because it looks good when worn and provides the needed muscle support while being active.

  • Its waist band is 3 inches to provide tummy support and comfort wearing.
  • The fabric is light weight and dries quickly which keeps the body cool at all times.
  • The color brand is a contrast to the whole shorts for design effect.
  • It can be used for cardio workout, gym training and running.
  • It looks feminine and has a sexy vibe with its high waist feel.
  • Inexpensive!!!
  • They don’t offer plus size.
  • It doesn’t have pockets.
  • It may ride up for some users – those with thick thighs.
  • It runs small too.
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Sexy Locker Active wear Compression Shorts give you more when it comes to value, style and performance. These compression shorts features sports fabric that is stretchable for utmost performance, stylish and comfortable. Its fabric has a waistband of 3 inches to support abdominal and offers best comfort.

Sexy Locker Active Wear Compression Shorts are available in fashion color block designs. Sexy Locker Active Wear Compression Shorts are a nice choice for yoga, fitness, running and everyday use. Its seamless knit construction is tailored for free flowing movement.


Keep Muscles Warm

Since compression shorts stays in touch with skin, they don’t let air flow to cool the surface. Thus surface capillaries don’t have to work that hard to warm the skin by allowing more blood flow to the muscles.


Reduce Rubbing Scuffs

Since the compression shorts do not have any loose material, it does not rub against the skin thus eliminating the risk of painful abrasion that results from perspiration salts. Hip and shoulder joints are the main areas of such abrasion. Apart from hip and shoulder joints, abrasion also happens when legs move against a bike’s frame or seat.



The effects of compression on endurance are being proven from several studies. This effect takes place by compressing the muscles that also squeezes the veins, resulting in blood pressure that ensures speedy return of blood to the lungs for oxygenation.


What’s More?

A waistband of 3 inches to support abdominal and offers best comfort.

Economical to buy

It can be used for yoga, running, gym training, cardio workout and everyday use.

It offers in fashion colors.

It gives a feminine look.

Its light weight fabric dries quickly thus keeping the body cool at all times.

No pockets.

Difficult to put on for people with thick thighs.

No plus size.

Ride up your legs while running.

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