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VARA KT Kinesiology Tape Reviews

VARA KT Kinesiology Tape

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VARA KT Kinesiology Tape is another great athletic tape for the knee.

  • Can be used by anyone suffering from a knee injury.
  • Incredibly comfortable.
  • Extra versatile and highly flexible which makes it a great tape.
  • Super adhesive and made of high-grade cotton material.
  • May not be effective for calf muscle tears.
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VARA KT Kinesiology Tape is another great athletic tape for the knee. It is well-known for its lightweight bracing membrane and powerful adhesiveness that provides relief from the pain. Unlike many other tapes, especially the tensor bandages, it branches towards the epidermis. This helps to create a new layer of skin, provide more comfort and enhance its flexibility. In this way, blood circulation is removed rather than being blocked, and the tape can be worn for several days without the need of replacing it. VARA KT Kinesiology Tape has a nice packing that adds a lot to its selling point.

It comes with 100% money back guarantee and is the only kinesiology tape that is FDA approved. It is made by any person irrespective of their age and is incredibly effective in healing the injuries. Because it is latex free and hypoallergenic, this makes it an extremely comfortable knee tape.

1: Support & Stability

The tape works exceptionally around the injured areas. You can apply it to calf, knees, thighs, ankle and any other area where there might be an injury. Whether it be your short runs or the long training courses, this kinesiology tape is guaranteed to provide you the support you need.

2: Protective Container

While most of the other athletic tapes came in a small packet, VARA KT Kinesiology Tape was nicely packed inside a cool container that helped me a lot at the gym or while keeping it in the purse.

Quite often it happens that a whole roll of the tape is wasted just because it got beaten up inside that gym bag.

3: Pre-Cut Strips

This tape comes in 20 pre-cut 10” “I” strips that save your time. In simple, you won’t have to carry scissors or fuss with cutting the tape perfectly. However, I felt that sometimes more length is required which seemed to me as a drawback.

4: Reflective

I thought it must be a drag just to attract the customers, but it does have a reflective coloring that is perfect for those who prefer running during the dawn and dusk. Nowadays, reflective features are somewhat getting more and more popular.

5: Price

The price is fairly good and retails just under $20 which I think is doable for any athlete or individual looking to buy a good kinesiology tape.

I’ve even seen some similar models amounting to $40+ just because of those shiny features that come along.

6: Longevity

The tape won’t peel off for at least five days. The brand guarantees a 7-day longevity, but having used it personally I realized that after five days you need to change it. Overall, it has great adhesive material that is safe for you skin and the fabric are exceptionally strong.

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