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VicTec Portable Digital Breath Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer Reviews

VicTec Portable Digital Breath Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer







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The VicTec Portable Digital Breath Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer is one of my favorite and most popular pocket breathalyzers in the market.

  • Professional airway design.
  • High precision semiconductor sensor.
  • Energy saving auto off feature.
  • Powerful AAA batteries that are easily replaceable.
  • Gives the user hint whenever the BAC level goes above 0.050% or 0.500% or 0.250mg/L.
  • A few users say extra parts listed on the product were missing.
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The VicTec Portable Digital Breath Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer is one of my favorite and most popular pocket breathalyzers in the market. It features ultra-high precision semiconductor sensor and has a professional airway design. The innovative modern backlit LCD installed displays the results clearly, and the batteries used have energy saving capabilities with the auto-off feature when the device is not in use. Three AAA batteries back it, and you can easily replace them whenever required. Its unique portable design and lightweight profile with a space-saving ergonomic makes it ideally perfect to be carried anywhere you want.

As a backup, the product includes five mouthpieces as well. The device also gives you a hint whenever the BAC level goes beyond 0.050% or 0.500%BAC and above 0.250mg/L. This assists you better to arrive at an informed decision after drinking at the pub or work.

1: Delivers Accurate Results

It uses an hi-tech and advanced semiconductor sensor that provides 100% accurate results every time.

The accuracy level matches with the results usually measured by the police equipment. You can trust it for its reliable results before you start your car after a heavy night at the pub.

2: Good Detection Range

Most of the breathalyzers have a low detection range and don’t offer much reliability. Some even deliver fake results.

However, the VicTec has a professional test range of 0.000-0.199% BAC and 0.00-1.99%o BAC & 0.00-0.99 mg/l. This is something exceptional and of professional grade.

3: User-Friendly

I was quite impressed with its user-friendly interface and smart design. Whenever the test results go above 0.050% BAC, it sends out an alarm signal that warns you.

Five extra mouthpieces have been added to the product so that you never run out of testing your alcohol concentration. This also gives you the freedom of testing your family or friends. These mouthpieces can be found on the back of your device above the battery compartment.

4: Portable & Convenient

This device is powered by 3 AAA batteries which are to be bought separately. Although it seems bulky, still it is compact and portable allowing you to carry it anywhere you want.

5: Precautions

VicTec recommends not to use this alcohol breath analyzer until it has been 20 minutes since your last drink. This ensures accurate results. You should also wait for 3 minutes before you begin another test. Avoid using in an environment of pesticide, paints, corrosive gas and alcohol. Finally, when you turn it on, wait for at least 15 seconds. This allows the device to warm up. It gives a beep to inform you to blow into through the mouthpiece. You only have 10 seconds to blow into the device before it automatically turns off.

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